Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seattle Startup Day!

I had a chance to attend the Seattle ‘startup day’ today! The overall experience was relishing, there were few good speakers and some boring ones. The most striking factor, at least for me is, every time you go to such an event, people say the same thing. The message is simple and clear and if YOU listen carefully it strikes back louder & louder! It is all about ‘YOU’; how YOU do things, how YOU handle yourselves, how YOU motivate yourselves, how YOU carry yourselves etc. It is definitely a great reinforcement for me, to continue down the path of entrepreneurship. Especially, when a 20 year old telling you about his story and success. It was Kiip’s founder Brian, who was the very first speaker and probably the youngest guy in the whole camp telling his story, that’s definitely motivating. I was totally stunned to see a kid come out and tell you what to do. I felt happy and sad at the same time, happy because I got my energy back and motivated, sad because I felt I wasted few years already.

Not surprisingly a pattern that existed among the speakers was repeating a lot of ‘Fck’ words. I get that, people don’t give a shit about others; they don’t fcking care about what others think of themselves. They just do what they want to do! They wear their attitude; they pay the tribute to their creativity!

Most of the ideas boil down to - Plan -> Build -> Ship -> Measure -> Reiterate, the whole step. The quicker you can make the whole cycle the better it is. Another important aspect of doing something is to learn if it is the right thing to do at a given time. People talked about ‘failing fast’, you better fail fast and quick rather than lingering here and there, wasting your energy and probably others’.

Life is really short, it daunts me, and I am not surprised to hear others feel the same. I think fear is good; it helps you choose which path to take. You make adjustments along your way and every step you take is a guarantee towards realizing the meaning of your life. After all, who else can change your destiny, everything is up to ‘YOU’!