Friday, December 28, 2007

Why is blue the corporate color?

The color blue is omnipresent, you can find most of the corporate logos, themes, websites have a higher percentage of the hue blue, or at least a tinge of blue. So why blue the favorite color of corporates?
This is what says about the color itself.
"Calm and Cool : Blue is calming. It can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly. Almost everyone likes some shade of the color blue."

The favorite color of men is blue and as you know most of the corporates are headed by men bosses/CEO's, their choice is blue.

corporate logos that contain blue:
citi bank
Bank of America
American Express
Jet blue
Southwest airlines

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I guess it is time for web exploration!!
I just tried http:// in the address bar, no address associated with http://. But the browser automatically added another '/' and tried the URL as http:/// to find nothing. Why does it do that? I tried Googling but did not find results matching the same. (10 mins search resulted nothing, cannot waste more time on this).

Then i thought let's see how other browsers behave and downloaded Mozilla firefox. It was smart enough and poped up a dialog saying the address is invalid. Time to try netscape, opera, safari...

OR I should simply write to Microsoft IE forums to check with the folks who developed IE and what's gonna happen with IE8.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

why does radio and tv exist in the wolrd? I mean the Internet world...

Though we have plethora of data, information, videos, photos, wiki's, blogs, and all sorts of streaming websites, TV and radio continue to exist and it will, why?

Agreed we have abundant search engines, to get you what you wanted. But what when you do not know what you wanted. puzzled :)

when you want to spend time on other's choices you have to turn in to TV/radio. Definitely computers are capturing the market share more and more, with enhanced software's+hardware's that can store/replay/record video and audio. All the gadgets are getting merged, with computer as a central intelligent unit every electronic gadget in existence will have them embedded. Going forward as we see the trend now there is not going to be a gadget that is could be clearly distinguished as a TV or radio or a computer, they will be all in one. May be the form factors may vary.

Internet on the other hand cannot just replace the TV broadcasting quality, the TV guys have gone far in their space up to 1080P or more. But you can connect your modem to the TV and watch streaming videos and browse the net, while you can watch your regular TV programs and another member of the home can watch the TV programs on a PC/Mac sitting on the other room, while playing their favorite video games or writing C# programs.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It is not just the survival of the fittest, it is about surviving together...

Thought of writing a comment to the fellow blogger who commented on my previous post. But it looked more of a new thread to me, hence this one...

Surviving together is the phenomenon in the IT industry. Unless you create a ecosystem of consumers, vendors and suppliers the product does not shine well. Why?
Mass followers means mass market. People think of the product not just while buying them, they think of the continued support for the product and the technology around which the product is constructed.

And when companies diversify their portfolios, often they step in to other's portfolios. This is always a good sign for the end customer, it means more choices, quality goods (the company will only survive if they keep up the quality of their product) and also less money.

Think of the tons of products surrounding Apple's ipod's. There are companies who does speakers, chargers/car charger, shoes with ipods, FM transmitter and many more. In order for these tier II companies to exist, they will obviously promote the growth and market of ipod's.

Also companies are always surrounded with other companies doing similar stuff. In order for everyone to flourish they promote and accept the competition, which keeps the whole landscape flooded with flora and fauna.

Here is the post from David

I think that despite there being different names on the doors...Apple, Adobe, Google, Microsoft etc. They are all really just different flavors of a similar company. All these companies are carefully woven together and really depend on each other to exist. Like going to the gym and having a work out partner...You tend to get more done when there is someone there driving you. With every break through each of these companies comes up with... It drives the other to compete... they sort of raise the bar. In the case of Silverlight... I won't go so far to say it will cast aside adobe flash... I will however say...that it will challenge adobe to stay #1 and in the meantime... there will be new technology for us to utilize. Some people will find Silverlight to be much more user friendly and it will make sense to them. Some will Find the same to be true of flash...but my belief is that we can only benefit by having both. I will say, having used Silverlight... It is pretty awesome... but I am a flash guy.That being said, I still want a copy of Silverlight to play with

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Microsoft uses other's cakes even if they have baked one similar (or at least they claim so)

Microsoft albeit having Silverlight, used Flash(Adobe) for their latest web development. See the picture for yourself. (

So if Microsoft does not use its own technology then why do they want others to?


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can Google search? Is Google ready to go SPACE?

Google may be the biggest searcher!!! in and out of the planet...Can they find the exact comet that could be the next possible threat to the world?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

All about holes - Space

Black hole, yep that sounds familiar and there are other cousins of it? They are the White and Worm holes.

I am not going to describe in detail about all the hole(s) stuff, except for the snippet.

Black holes - Anything that sucks, that does not allow any matter to escape from its tentacles like the monster squids. See the actual definitions in the links...

(also see this -

White holes - Reverse process of the black holes, they puke what ever they have. Can never hold on to stuff, worthless holes. See the actual definitions in the links...

(also see this -

Worm holes - The one that gives a subway (not the place we eat, it is the structure that helps our transportation) kind off a infrastructure, which connects different points in space and time. Could not give a better definition like I did for the other holes.

(also see this -,,

I got the insights in to this with the help of the amazing "History channel". And they talked about the small black holes theory of Stephen Hawking that caused a clash in the Quantum theory (one more) and the Gravitation theory or the theory of relativity (both). The first one deals with the smallest of known things and the later deals with the biggest of known things.

"White holes" are considered not in existence now. The body that could have been the single source for all of the existing particles today. They exploded/expelled everything they had in them. And coming to black holes it is considered that these masses are constantly drawing matters in to them, and there are hundreds in any given galaxy. And the small black holes partially agreed that during their formation emits radiations and almost always disappears. And the worm holes that could exist to form connections to different points in space. But they may not exist for a known unit of time, anyways.

The only accepted part in the above is the black holes. White holes and worm holes are a conception and only in theory now. As we understand anything that exists cannot be destroyed but could only be transformed from one form to the other. So as a source of drain is the black holes, the source of emission is the white holes and they are connected time to time by the Worm holes. The worm holes latch on to the sources of the black holes and white holes not known in definitive ways, but when ever they do so the white hole pulls the source for its emissions from the black hole and the black hole pulls its source of drain from the white hole. In a sense they do the opposite of what they are.

There is no way known so far to understand what happens on the other side of a black hole?, because of the fact that what ever goes never comes out, Is there any leak? No body knew it.

(But the energy transformations are only true w.r.t Quantum mechanics)

But what if the black holes are connected to infinitely smaller and infintely "time to time" changing worm holes that connects different black and white holes. This theory defines that the other side of a black hole is white and vice versa. This contradicts the existing theory on white hole, "the white hole is singular". The worm holes might be the connector to the white and black holes.. And also worm holes that connects black hole(s) to black hole(s)might vanish in the smallest units of time. Which depends on the contraction of the black holes which would produce a ripple effect the slightest of which would suffice to burst the worm holes.

It all boils down to:
So if you see a white whole from one side; the other side is black and vice versa

source of the picture:


In the search of a new planet

While finding a missed ring in your home might give you enough headache, think about finding an unknown abstract body lost in a universes of universes. I say lost here, to signify the existence not being known.

One method scientists say they could possibly give a chance of finding a planet would be to identify any wobble effect of a star, and this should be significant enough to be detected. It seems that, it becomes extremely difficult rather impossible to identify the planets based on the millions of photographs captured for decades by the human plugged bodies in the space; I mean the satellites. The reason being; the fact that a planet is trillion times fade'r with the effect of star in its galaxy.

To experiment put a ~0 Watt bulb closer to a 150 Watt bulb, and move away (out of the scope) from the home and what you can see, all is a little piece of light. It is highly impossible to distinguish the sources. And as always known the stars are tremendously larger than the planets.

So having said the above, how could a new planet like "51 PEGASI b" be found and confirmed their presence? click here.

Theory: The objects that come closer to us will emit wavelength close to that of the blue spectrum and the ones going further generates red. As stars revolve in their respective galaxies, the ones that produces the wobble effect with varying patterns of blue and red wavelengths emissions, could possibly be neighboured by a planet (neighbor might be 1000's of times the distance between the Sun and the Earth).

This is the way the new planet "70 Virginis.
" was found. It is also known as the planetary heavy wieght (7-10 times bigger than Jupiter) which is in the Virgo galaxy.

1) Doppler technique - mass of the planet but no the size.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

“The Last Lecture”

“The Last Lecture”, the full video, the most impressive way to teach others.
You stunningly get impressed.

Click below for the full video:

ABC news link - click on this