Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interesting China....

15 facts about china that will blow your mind (posted 2010-2)

The 19 Must-Know Chinese Consumer Companies That Are Taking Over The World And Growing Like Crazy

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A fresh start to Formula 1 - M Schumacher is back!!!

I feel like I am one of those Geico caveman...not knowing that M Schumacher, my favorite driver returned to track to my once up on a time favorite sport Formula1...

I admit how outdated I am with the news...when I happened to glance the SPDHD a HD sports channel, I heard the name Schumacher then I thought it was Ralf Schumacher...but then when I saw the driver’s name was “M Schumacher”, I could not believe my own eyes, I searched the web to know that my favorite driver is indeed back on track...

Welcome back Schumi!!!

Dear fans of M Schumi, hope Schumi rocks again and keep our adrenaline on the rush...Enjoy!

Although my enthusiasm for the game is not as high as it used to be...I have decided to watch at least two complete Formula 1 races this year...alright I got to go back to watching the Australian race...

M Schumi @ F1 -

PS. My buddy Muthu was the one who created the interest in me for F1

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lot more left in speech to text

As you can see in the image below (done by Google CC) - the text inside the green box, you can't stop laughing once you understand that Vint Cerf was actually trying to say "free Wi-Fi service" and not " free WIFE service". This clearly shows that we have a lot more left to innovate in technology to better understand ourselves...

May be not pure speech to text helps analyze the conversation. The engine doing the work of analyzing should be powered with some intelligence and understand who is talking, their profile, the context in which the talk is going on, the audience etc etc... I am sure there are lots of companies working on this space.

But for now; with the current state of technology...we could get more such examples to mock at...

The cloud language - What's next with the internet

This is a cool talk for the nerds. Hey watch out especially for the segment where Vint quotes a phrase that is just awesome...the phrase is as below.

"i learn less and less about more and more until practically I know nothing about anything..."

Monday, March 01, 2010


Pat(R)en(D)ting - To be read as tRenD in Patenting

Google's patent on location based advertising is yet another jewel added to their crown. This is definitely a patent that others in to online advertising would crave for.

I see a trend in patenting.... when an era (like touch phone, location based ad)is shaping up; more and more start ups are formed while the big companies do their part in R&D and later in to acquisition based on the investment they are going to be making in the future. Once the new era is sure to achieve greater heights, companies rush to get their work patented so as to secure a strong hold for themselves in the era and wish to be acclaimed as the champions of the era.

Although Facebook and Google may be happier with their news feed and location based ads patent recently, Apple must be thrilled with their numerous patents it has won over the multi touch interface.