Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can Google search? Is Google ready to go SPACE?

Google may be the biggest searcher!!! in and out of the planet...Can they find the exact comet that could be the next possible threat to the world?


Anonymous said...

why do u want google to do that ????

Global Handler said...

It is not ridiculous to ask them to search things on space. As they talk about things other than IT, like next gen resources for energy.

Prasanna Mumbai said...

Its ridiculous to ask Google to search things in space. b'coz it doesn't take just couple of million $$ to do that.

Infact the investment would be much more then million of billions needed to start. Its not just sitting in a room and desiging a fastest alogirthm in data minig.

Global Handler said...

Dude why not, infact Google is talking things outside IT, like the next gen energy resources etc. Google market cap is $250 bn, if they cannot then who can?