Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Microsoft uses other's cakes even if they have baked one similar (or at least they claim so)

Microsoft albeit having Silverlight, used Flash(Adobe) for their latest web development. See the picture for yourself. (

So if Microsoft does not use its own technology then why do they want others to?


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David M Wall said...

I think that despite there being different names on the doors...Apple, Adobe, Google, Microsoft etc. They are all really just different flavors of a similar company. All these companies are carefully woven together and really depend on each other to exist. Like going to the gym and having a work out partner...You tend to get more done when there is someone there driving you. With every break through each of these companies comes up with... It drives the other to compete... they sort of raise the bar. In the case of Silverlight... I won't go so far to say it will cast aside adobe flash... I will however say...that it will challenge adobe to stay #1 and in the meantime... there will be new technology for us to utilize. Some people will find Silverlight to be much more user friendly and it will make sense to them. Some will Find the same to be true of flash...but my belief is that we can only benefit by having both. I will say, having used Silverlight... It is pretty awesome... but I am a flash guy.That being said, I still want a copy of Silverlight to play with

gopi said...

probably, MS knows that many people don't have Silverlight installed in their computers. To be frank, I just now came to know that Silverlight is MS's Flash equivalent. I don't have that installed in my comp. So if I happen to visit that webpage, I would simply skip reading (lazy to install a new software) and more likely, I would be browsing from Linux where Sliverlight is not available.

Global Handler said...

If MS wants to push Silverlight, that is not a way to do it (as you say). With Halo3 - [the release of the product was terrific in terms of the revenue and popularity] MS infact could have used this as a marketing strategy to push silverlight. (at least people would have known about the existence of a new software). Linux part is agreed, but for MS?

David M Wall said...

Just a quick Note. Microsoft did in fact Use Silverlight with Halo 3... Just not on every site. There is more than just the one site for Halo 3 that is hosted with MS. This link uses silverlightHALO 3. Again... I should mention that despite the comparison they would like to make between the two... I have used both and they are really nothing alike in my opinion. The only thing that is similar is the end product. Silverlight is kind of like a cross between photoshop and Visual Studio.

Global Handler said...

kewl thanks for your note. Actually your first comment has spawned a new thread ! will post it soon.