Thursday, December 13, 2007

It is not just the survival of the fittest, it is about surviving together...

Thought of writing a comment to the fellow blogger who commented on my previous post. But it looked more of a new thread to me, hence this one...

Surviving together is the phenomenon in the IT industry. Unless you create a ecosystem of consumers, vendors and suppliers the product does not shine well. Why?
Mass followers means mass market. People think of the product not just while buying them, they think of the continued support for the product and the technology around which the product is constructed.

And when companies diversify their portfolios, often they step in to other's portfolios. This is always a good sign for the end customer, it means more choices, quality goods (the company will only survive if they keep up the quality of their product) and also less money.

Think of the tons of products surrounding Apple's ipod's. There are companies who does speakers, chargers/car charger, shoes with ipods, FM transmitter and many more. In order for these tier II companies to exist, they will obviously promote the growth and market of ipod's.

Also companies are always surrounded with other companies doing similar stuff. In order for everyone to flourish they promote and accept the competition, which keeps the whole landscape flooded with flora and fauna.

Here is the post from David

I think that despite there being different names on the doors...Apple, Adobe, Google, Microsoft etc. They are all really just different flavors of a similar company. All these companies are carefully woven together and really depend on each other to exist. Like going to the gym and having a work out partner...You tend to get more done when there is someone there driving you. With every break through each of these companies comes up with... It drives the other to compete... they sort of raise the bar. In the case of Silverlight... I won't go so far to say it will cast aside adobe flash... I will however say...that it will challenge adobe to stay #1 and in the meantime... there will be new technology for us to utilize. Some people will find Silverlight to be much more user friendly and it will make sense to them. Some will Find the same to be true of flash...but my belief is that we can only benefit by having both. I will say, having used Silverlight... It is pretty awesome... but I am a flash guy.That being said, I still want a copy of Silverlight to play with

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