Friday, May 12, 2006

Is the world really flat ???.

The world is flat, most of us would have read the latest book by Thomas L Friedman' the World is Flat
( ). But is the world really flat ?, I feel sometimes yes and no. Yes because everything is changing and we all are feeling the global wave, where one way or the other each are involved in the process of co-ordinating with the other. No because still we are in the process and not achieved the real flatness...

But why do countries vary in so many possible ways...I feel the only reason could be people and only people nothing else....

So what makes the difference in people. There is an old saying the change is the only constant thing. So how do we manage ourselves and make the best out of the instantaneously changing world. That could be the possible answer for the multi colored world. So what drives people to make their decisions towards the change. There could be several thousand parameters to this, but the notably top ones could be their passion, thinking and attitude. All the three could be inter-twined, but makes them so special. This blue print of the way a human thinks is unique and that makes him so different and special.

Culture is another important driving factor for the way people behave or react. Each country has its own flavor of culture. And now the world is quite flat because there is want of high breed culture and acceptance of the best practices of each culture.

The way each one wants to make to the top of the world proves again and again the theory by Darwin “Survival of the fittest”, yep no one can disprove this.

So at the end of the day what we must ask to ourselves to feel the realm of world is flat or at least work towards making world a plateau, would be to have a concrete feeling of aligning towards change, to be more specific positive change.

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