Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Agile software development & Extreme Programming XP

Recently I came across this new terminology Agile Software Development; this is what I learnt
In general, let me take an example to co-relate.
If you have heard of the 20-20 cricket match, then you know that the strategies for playing a 20-20 match is different from that of a normal 50 over match. The same applies here, but instead of having just one 20-20, the overall development process is split in to multiple pieces of software development. To add more, there are multiple iterations of the software development process focusing on delivering a package out of all iteration. It is kind off a fast paced development environment.
Read more @ wikipedia -> Agile software development

Ok let’s go to the extreme programming model now

Involving collaboration in the software development process, this works based on a feedback (like the feedback circuitry) mechanism to stay on track. This also provides a simple for planning and tracking the software development.
Extreme programming
Read more @ wikipedia -> extreme programming

Extreme programmers, if you happen to read this, please leave your comments on how this model is useful and what benefits did you achieve?

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