Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Indian media haywire

Focus on Indian media

Well media around the globe is always hot, particularly the growth and popularity of Indian media is all the more phenomenal in the recent years. The Indian media has diversified, expanded their horizons, capitalizing the advances in technology and much more.

And this is all for good, but I do think that the role of media in India or at least the way they are heading towards is quite frenzied. I feel it is clearly evident that media is becoming the limelight of issues, rather than the issue itself. This is not about when media is acting on the way it is supposed to do. Though there could be restrictions on what media can do and cannot, it is more often that the yard stick is in the hands of media itself. It is up to them to behave themselves, I know this is quite a strong way of expressing but I do get sometimes too annoyed on the way they portray and examine the news.

With a byte of news the media gets, they generate Giga bytes of more news.

On many occasions, the media’s news on Indian cricket team, politics, entertainment (to name a few) created too much hype, expectations beyond barriers and more pressure on the stake holders. Well it is always good to analyze, question and propose solutions involving various entities, too much questioning and too much probing are not good. It is like media playing bosses and rest of them have to subside. We have witnessed many guest speakers and other non-media folks (be it a politician or a cinema star) pointed out that the media is going too far on the issue or digging too much and adding too many unwanted things to the issue at whole. Well each media group wants to prepare their own flavor of the curry (news).

“While questioning is difficult, answering is even more”

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