Sunday, July 15, 2007

Artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioral patterns (BP)

This is not about what usually AI is about!!!BP, if you have not heard off is the way the patterns are applied over a system to understand how the system behaves and reacts to various conditions/situations. In a sense it is kind of the prediction of what's gonna happen to a system if it is subjected to a specific condition/envrionment. Behavioral patterns are applicable to humans as well (essentially humans are animals aren't they?). Ok so what do we achieve by bringing both obscure terms AI and BP, well you can design a system that can understand the behavioral patterns of a child when it grows and help parenting be much easier. You can understand what the child would like to do and what you wanted the child to do. These kindoff advanced gadgets should use AI to understand and study the behavior of child as it grows. Healthy parenting isn't it...but would some one take the advise of a gadget/robot to make parenting effective? !!!
Here are some references for behavioral patterns on humans:
1. Learning and recognizing behavioral patterns using position and posture of human
2. Post-Scientology Behavioral Patterns

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