Thursday, July 05, 2007

The High Performance Entrepreneur - book review

Firstly I cannot stop adulating the way this book is written, hats off to Subroto Bagchi. It is a simple book that to me defines some basic rules on how to go about achieving your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Subroto gives enough examples and lessons thats brings a variety of experience to learn. "If you want to generate wealth start a company not because you want to give back something for technology, since it has treated you well in the past", I totally agree with this. I knew personally few companies started that way and failed.
Numerous complications arise when you want to start a company and progressing on the way, Subroto first places advises to create hard and fast rules, that needs to be followed by every stake holder of the company, to erradicate some of the most common hurdles. This is a good book for a ambitious new comer, who will know by reading what it takes to start a company, what is mission, DNA, values, building and progressing, entering stock market, approaching venture capitalists and much more. Are you ready for business? [:D]

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