Friday, October 12, 2007

HD DVD Vs Blu ray and what's neXt ?

Long before I wrote about technology wars, here is another one..
Yet another competition to keep the technology advancements ticking, as if the world stopped for some reason. Anyways high tech guys wanted to play with the little us.
Video technology is one that reached paramount advancements and still going headstrong.
OK whats the deal HD DVD vs Blu ray?, both have come as an advancement to the laser technology that is used in scribing on the discs (scribing may sound to be a mean word :) anyways). The LASER being used in the so called past is red, which is being taken over by the blue laser beam now. So whats the difference? Well they say that you can write more in the same given space, so the discs remain the same dimension but their capacity has zoomed. It does not stop here, there will be eXtra features and enhancements to what the user sees as options, like controlling the picture parameters while playing the video.
And there are two groups of titans clashing on taking the market lead. On one side is the HD group including heavy weights like Toshiba and a whole bunch of studios and on the other side industry champions Sony, Philips, HP, Dell and few studios. You get the exclusive list of contributors/developers/boasters here...

So now arises some question whether the DVD players being used is compatible with the new discs? No way, dragons be here... being said this is entirely a new laser beam. Why can't they add a patch in hardware?, as in software for just upgrading or replacing the laser portion of the device, well that's hardware it cannot be done, because whole bunch of other stuff needs change. And at least tell me this, whether HD DVD player is compatible with Blu ray and vice versa? Are you kidding me, then why the hell are they fighting (namely the two groups). hmmm OK enough, lets talk about special reviews by CNET.
So which one are you feeling to like Blu ray or HD DVD? lets see who establishes the standard. Or wait a minute these things have happened before, so you may even see a
HD ray or a High Blu Definition. some consortium will be formed and there will be forums and groups to take the best of both the worlds and give it a new name. Then they will tell all your Blu ray and HD players will not work, better buy a HD ray / High Blu Definition player, by the time the TV standards would have changed to Sooper High Def or Sooper Dooper High Def and then an array of new disc makers. And also there will be some advancements in the broadcasting/satellite networks, so your TV standards would change and this is a vicious circle. After all change is the only constant thing. Be patient, the world is to play and you will be played too.

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