Thursday, October 04, 2007

my reasoning question

Offlate i have been attending interviews

I was asked different puzzle/logical questions, I thought let me create my own. This is it, a simple one.

You are given a set of spirals (say n spirals)and you are asked to find which one has less number of spiral's in it. You are not given time to take a look at each one and compare. And you cannot touch and calculate, what is the strategy will you use?


@VELU said...

I would use a micro weigh balance, the one with smaller no. of turns should weigh less

Global Handler said...

say more spiral object, can weigh less than the lesser one. Though their size and shape may be the same, the more spiral one can be made out of aluminium (thin) and the lesser one could be made out of iron (thicker)

Global Handler said...

infact the first answer is good, but let me see if you can answer the new 1, which eliminates your 1st method