Saturday, January 05, 2008

Indian information system. A model for decay...

India a land well known for its variety; in cultures, food, languages, and plethora of other things, is a developing economy!. As one of the earliest parts of the world to be inhabited and civilized; why is it the country still struggling to be claimed as a developed nation?
A primary reason for any country's development is; it's people and their attitude. Having said all of it, let me come to the crux.

Let me walkthrough my analysis of India's information handling, which I believe is a critical issue then and now...

Indians are attributed for their tremendous contributions to mathematics and science in the ancient age. I wrote couple of blog posts in this context earlier- (Newton and India, math and India go hand in hand)
And where did the continuation of these contributions go? Why have we lost the fame that we were acclaimed once?

With this question in mind, let's look deeper to the roots of the issue.

Now I am going in to a totally different spectrum, the CASTE system. Division of people, the divide is so much that we Indians have lost a major pie in the world's contributions list-how?. The caste system created mutliple groups; dividing people. People of various castes stopped interaction and sharing things. This means blocking the passage of INFORMATION.

A key to the development of any country "Information Information Information", it is all about this. "If not for Google who can process the world's information Google would have been some xyz (Tom Dick and Harry) company". ( I know this is out of the track, just to highlight the importance of information)

The vedas, terrific piece of work was restricted to only a few percentage of the people. So is many other brilliant work. Though few of the findings and work were spread, the teachings of experimentation and creations were never passed from one community to the other, there by stopping the information flow. People who created things stayed on top and the rest were using it. (People started blindly following what their upper caste told them, foolish faith without any rationale nor questioning). The so called rest of the people remained rest of the people and did not raise, rather were not allowed to raise.
Now why would some one want to do this?
The mentality would have been to be dominant and stay on top and that would make them think they are close to god. And hence arose the thought that; if the information of how to experiment passed would be adopted by the rest and then each one would try something there by making the dominant people not dominant any more. In reality as we know the real growth of one's own is to help others grow.

What should they have done?
Instead what the ancient Indians should have done is keep up the good work of creativity ticking, while passing on the information to everyone.

End result:
The very same notion of "not passing information, and stay on top", propagated inside the dominant community, paving for creating more and more sub-communities. And ended up in individuals who kept the marvelous findings and things to themselves. An by the end of their time, the great work and findings were lost. (Only a handful of the findings were passed on).

So the bottom line; to end the post is "we stopped the passage of information, which lead us stale".

The reason for this post is not to blame our ancestors, just trying to analyze a whole lot of different issues together.


Prasanna Mumbai said...

Nice analysis bro

Babu said...

That must be true. Though we are IT super power, still Indian government must be a doper power when it comes to utilizing the information for public welfare.

Global Handler said...

Yup the way public office's handle the data/information is horrible. The Govt offices do not give any value for the data. I have myself faced couple of incidents were the files were lost and not properly maintained.