Thursday, March 06, 2008

IT engineer

It is often happier to be in information technology(IT) than not to.

In any profession one needs to accumulate and assimilate (the two A's) things quicker, so that they can be demanding. IT demands much more to be demanding, you need to really know a lot of things in simple words.

'IT' is a pattern of several cohesive and non-cohesive ecosystems.
for example: Open source is a big ecosystem and Microsoft is another. Cohesiveness and Non-cohesiveness amongst the ecosystems are enforced based on the business/business model of the 'IT' companies. An year ago companies may be rivals, but the next year they could have diverged in to other areas by which they could have become partners. This is again a business game, it is not only technology that drives the business, but the other way is very true.

What is important for an 'IT' engineer is to understand where the business model would take each of the ecosystem, and decide where/when and where not/when not to be.
If one continues to embrace new technologies it might not help, if one continues to embrace the legacy it might not help either.

Watch out!!! for the next big wave. All I'm telling is, to be successful in 'IT' you must essentially understand the business and act accordingly

You need to be prepared, for a merger/acquisition/closure/opening heading you.

Be in 'IT' and be successful.

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