Friday, May 09, 2008

Bliss to be a hacker

Hacking heals your zeal for quest!

In the world of everything being digital you try to monetize as much as possible, if not otherwise you spoil others from doing it. If you think hacking is evil yes it is, but what it takes to be a hacker? Being smart, not just tech savvy but technically sound, hard worker... Oooo a lot of good qualities you often need to do something great.

It is a tit for tat game, the security experts who often mostly are hackers try and close the walls but the hackers breach them, and this after all continues for ever and ever. isn't that fun, hmmm yup it is too much of fun.
The current common attacks pose mobile virus, malware, spying software, sql injections.

There are classification of hackers the main one being the one who do hacking ethically called as ethical hackers and the rest of them. Ethical hacker makes money legally and the others do it the opposite or just for fun.

OK let me stop here before you conclude that I am hacker too.

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Titan said...

Either you are trying to hack or protect your software from hacking ..hacking itself being a great business..good one