Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time for collaboration

The way we work is becoming more and more networked. Day by day different cloud based solutions are popping out as a platform for viable collaboration. Some are more granular and some are not. I incidentally came through some of the idea management/collobaration sites and seemed to be a very interesting area. WebStorm from BrightIdea caught my eye and I spent more time reading what they do.


Paul Tran said...

Although I can appreciate collaboration, we at BrightIdea are very interested in how innovation can be accelerated to improve mankind. In other words, how can we collaborate to make new products, improve and enhance features, or improve processes? By creating an environment whereby everyone can participate, we can achieve much greater than any single one of us can on our own.

Global Handler said...

Yup I agree, I have some questions regarding collobaration in Innovation.
1. How does the patent get shared?
2. Who monetizes on the product that comes out of innovation?
3. Do you guys also have a funding mechaninsm for implementing new ideas may be through networked vc's?

Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

Hi global handler,

I'll jump in and try to answer for Paul.

It would vary by different cases, but I think the Idea Management software is largely for companies or joint ventures in which the ideas would be owned and commercialised by the company or joint venture. Participants would hand over the 'copyright' or other rights to their idea while making the suggestion and, if it gets to that point, the company/venture would commercialise it. Funding for the ideas would be provided by the company / joint venture.

I hope this helps!

Lauchlan Mackinnon