Friday, August 01, 2008

Revitalizing Live

Live search is remarkably being revitalized with better interface. Just navigate to and search for any video. Mouse hovering on the results plays the thumbnail clip and it is seamless. I love the improvements made to live search.


Babu said...

When employees started marketing Microsoft products through their blog ;-)

Live search may improved a lot, but it will take a long time for Microsoft to catch up with Google.

Typical Microsoft strategy: Never bring any innovative product. When some one comes with an idea and that becomes popular, copycat and bring the product at par with the original product and then skill the innovative company.

Babu said...

Search "seafair" in live & google compare the result. You guys will never catch-up with google.

Global Handler said...

Babu I agree with your critic being playing catch up game in search and also not providing comparable search results, but I do not feel this could be generalized to all the products that MS offers.
More over im just excited about the UI/interface changes and not really happy with the search results. It is a chicken and egg problem, in order to give better search results you have to crawl as many pages google does. But to get to new pages people subscribe and update their pages to google search engine.

Global Handler said...

Btw I have criticized MS on the whole in my previous blogs. Infact not being based you can see posts on google's erros and problems.

Babu said...

I should have been more polite in critizing your blog. But I realized after submiting the comment.