Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brain Threa(t/d)s - could be read as threads and threats!

This post is about controlling the brain to send neural waves to perform a desired action. This is not something new, but here are some unwinding topics.

Thought control headsets are used in virtual worlds for gaming. These headsets pick the brain signals and transform them in to actions.
Now let's see how can the same be put in to use in a real world.

There are numerous tests going on to identify, how the actions derived from the brain signals could be applied to the real world. In a virtual the environment is controlled, which means the actions are just simulation that is perceived by the users. Hence there is no real damage in the case of a ill action being performed. But in a real world the game is different things are real and the actions carried over will have real impacts. The human brain is known for its humongous parallelism. So how does this parallelism help or affect the actions in a real system?

So what would happen, If anyone can get on to such a brain controlling system operating (in a real world) and perform the intended actions?

To give it a shot with a better example,say if some one wants to control car driving using the brain signals.
Well, there must be a system to take care of the mind vs body reactions (heart rates etc) and then apply the actions. Based on the actual brain signal the system can decide whether or not to perform the action, to control the ill effects. In any case you would need a controller for controlling the brain signals.

So this brings the question, Is the human brain not yet mature or over mature?
Does that also mean the human brain's thought(s) are indomitable?. I could just think of techniques like meditation that would help one to focus on the brain control and help achieve what is just intended in a situation throwing the rest away. Conclusion here is, taking the risk to perform the above experiment needs to start with in some controlled environment.

To illustrate the power of the human brain and it's parallelism, here are some facts:

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