Saturday, November 08, 2008

Choosing what you worship

I was confused looking in to the program "god vs Satan" in the History channel, the confusion is that most of the major religions treat snake/serpent as the first incarnation of Satan in this world. But Hinduism treats snake as god, at least a considerable sect of Hindus do so. So is Hinduism a contrast to others?
I was curious to know why is snake worship followed by Hindus?

I started my search in the search engines to get more answers...

And from what I read I was able to deduce that humans tend to submit themselves to the ones that are mightier in some way to them. A snake in nature is poisonous, but humans are forced to live in the same ecosystem as the snake, this creates the classic problem of man vs animal and who survives over the other?. In almost all the cases in the present days we win, but that was not the same in the olden days. So humans developed a habit of pleasing the ones that they could not withstand.
To give an analogy, If I were to fight a boxer, either I have to die or please him for my survival. And guess what, humans wanted to live and chose the later. This practice put them to please the snakes and treating them as gods.

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Harish said...

so which animal you have chosen?