Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Popfly mashups and gadgets

I tossed myself in to the world of gadgets to see, how they work? and how quickly I can create one?

As a result, I ended up creating a custom view for Live search using Popfly. The Mashup i put together is a very basic one, it tries to perform search against the selected category from the first drop down box and displays the results based on the selected "number of results" from the second drop down box. Actually, I wanted to get all of the search results in one page, but the search object (that i can use it from the tool box of Popfly) limits the result to "<50".

Popfly itself is designed with a simple user intuitive interface in mind, this makes the learning easy and fun.

The tools available could be configured by tweaking the code behind the tool, java script. After a long time, I am seeing Java script code, it was fun to edit and see that simple stuff I was trying to do did not work.

Usually when you built a gadget, you may have to share it for use by other people. You may have to maintain a web page for showing custom views like mine. But using Popfly you get those things for free, you get a web page that is hosted for you and can also get to share your gadgets to reddit and digg. So all you have to do is to play with the different tools available to create the gadgets of your choice.

The link to my first Popfly:

I will try to create more custom views for live search to continue my effort in learning to create better gadgets!

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