Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Virtualization stripped.

Managed to squeeze in some time, despite being hard hit with issues at work. I always feel writing blogs energises me, so hope to catch up with work in full swing after this. With that let me walk you through my new post.

Virtualization stripped
Virtualization picked up more buzz and momentum, when IT companies started emphasizing on the new cloud computing paradigm. With this blog post I will get to the breadth and depth of the virtualization platform, products and terminologies.

To start with I put together the different buckets of virtualization categorizing the major buckets followed by the next level; focusing on the different technologies trying to solve the problem.

Virtualization in my terms: A platform enabling users to do their tasks, without fully banking on the hardware and software resources of the user. Also a platform which enables on demand computing; by sharing resources and thereby improving the hardware, and software utilization. Certainly a move towards greener ecosystem for IT, by reducing the wastage of computing resources including power.

The above definition almost seems close to be called as cloud computing, hence the obvious question. How does virtualization differ from cloud computing? If virtualization is the underlying platform for doing things, Cloud computing is a model for doing business leveraging virtualization. Virtualization is a key technology towards achieving cloud computing but does not end with it. Cloud computing deals with other areas, which will not be of interest to this post.

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