Saturday, December 01, 2012

What is T-Commerce?

Again, another interesting topic that comes with the challenge of the basic definition of what is it? Like all the other buzz words\tech, this is no exception when it comes to the overload of the term itself.

Before we decide if T-Commerce comprises of tablet commerce, tv commerce, touch commerce, inTeracTive commerce etc, let us look at a core scenario that gets lighted up with the introduction of T-Commerce. Again for the purpose of explaining the scenario, I am going to take TV commerce into the picture.

Earlier TVs were not directly powered by internet, there were several form factor products that arose to bridge the experience of bringing internet to the big screen. Now that TVs themselves are inbuilt with the capability and the other augmented products have reached a point of being worthy enough to deliver a compelling experience, it is time to talk what's next? 
What can we do when I can download apps in TV? What can we do when I can experience augmented reality with the existing products such as Xbox Kinect and more new ones on the horizon? It is time to talk about MONETIZATION of these integrated experiences...that gets us to T-Commerce.

In short, T-Commerce provides a compelling experience where in a retailer can do the following:

(a) Develop a TV app - with their catalog
(b) Build a virtual dressing room that lets people try different clothes
(c) Share the picture\video\conference with their social network to get opinion on what to buy
(c) Finally provide a payment mechanism to buy from TV.

Now, you can enjoy shopping sitting at home that is close enough to the offline shopping experience.

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