Friday, November 30, 2007

cUp and cAp - Pictorial representation of words in English

Look at the image I drew, the 'U' signifies that a cup is in that shape and it can hold stuff. The 'A' on the other hand signifies that a "cap" is a COVER, the 'A' symbol is like the one that closes on top.

just a illustration to state that objects were named based on the characters.

this is just my theory ---

Umbrella starts with a 'U' and as per the previous theory it should have been starting with a 'A', to signify that umbrella is to cover us from rain...

to disprove:
oh may be this way, holding us against rain :) In this case they chose the literary meaning; "holding". what ever that holds be it holding for OR holding against starts with a 'U'.

Another example to prove/disprove: 'Utensil' / 'Atom'

I enjoy viewing my thoughts from different stand points, trying to contradict and approve. (this is one of the reflections)

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