Thursday, November 29, 2007

A peek in to internal product names

Having worked with several product companies in the past, I have come across fancy names being given to the products internally.

Where did this notion start?

May be IT guys are bored hearing of all the technical jargon's all the time or lack of new words. The most common names that I have come across are the names of products after mountains, lakes, islands, Greek mythology and names after movies too.

When a new guys walks in to the company, he learns the various jargon's the company produces (each month :)) and on top of that the product names that are no way related to the technology.

names that I have come across:
Pluto, katmai, Yukan, Orcas, Longhorn, Apache, Octurus, Aruba, Kokomo, Matrix, Batman, Batman & Robin, Xfiles, Helios, Apollo, Gabriel, Luna, Sparc, ....

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