Thursday, July 26, 2007

The cyborg way

Homo sapiens crave for more... in anything and everything. Over the million years we have stuck against nature and created an equilibrium imbalance.

Sphinx is an ancient imagination of partial human and animal, humans are masters in making realities out of imagination a perfect example is DNA cloning.

Cyborgs are robotized humans or mechanical humans, still miles to go, Kevin Warwick the first cyborg of the planet. Another cyborg is Mark, who is the beneficiary of technology.

There is always a one step beyond in each and every space of the horizon's we have touched or yet to touch, in this context I feel being a cyborg is cool and crazy. One day I would love to turn in to a cyborg.

With dozens of research going on around the planet there will be machine in every human and human in every machine...

Invention - People sit and think huh!!!!

Celeb's choice

cool and wacky inventions

The Big Fight vs Face the Nation

Yup it is indeed NDTV(New Delhi Television) Vs. IBN (CNBC - TV18)

Two cult figures of NDTV, Rajdeep Sardesai (Ex-NDTV) and Barkha Dutt. Both of them acclaims several credits for taking journalism in India deeper and better.

From what I read, a session in the popular program "The Big Fight" in NDTV caused tussle between Prannoy Roy and Rajdeep, and then Rajdeep made his mind to come out with his private channel partnering with the investors CNBC - TV18. He did so as said and is enjoying popularity as well especially the way IBN (technical setup) excels in the Internet news arena.

Well India faces a race in the news media I guess this was never the case before,(so the viewers gets a wider choice and various flavors) which is quite healthy it is like another Vs. like the popular battles of IBM Vs. HP, Google Vs. Yahoo, Oracle Vs. SAP, Intel Vs. AMD,...(only tech examples...)

Intel leaping ahead ^ (more) off AMD

Long before I wrote the benchmarks for the last year's Dual core micro processors, where AMD seems to have had a clear edge over Intel, but not after Intel launched its series of Core 2 Duos. Intel fought back the race fiercely and more aggressively, launched its quad core micro processors well ahead of AMD and stays on top as behemoth monopoly ready to attack any time/all time. Take a look at the earnings, AMD is striving hard trying to cut down cost in all possible corners and holes.

AMD lost on several grounds

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The people pharmacy in US

people pharmacy - link

Do you know what we are getting in a pharmacy in the US?, with the confusion on the Generic drugs being widely rather increasingly used now a days. Whether Generics is consistent with the branded ones, are they good?, FDA requires the generics to be falling with a particular range to make it sure that it could be approved. Heart disease and neurology are two major groups of drugs that is of more concern with the generics. More of the generics being used because of the cheaper cost. For more details click here

Yet another advancement in the mobile world

Femto cells from what i heard is going to boost indoor coverage for mobile phone networks, there is a forum formed by major companies to invest and deliver femto related products.
Meanwhile a small advancement by T-mobile allows to enhance the signal strength when inside a home or any closed space where Wi-Fi is available.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wassup with SyncRoot

I was amazed to see the complete number of links :) Take a look @ the picture

If you are a .NET developer you must have come across the namespace System.Security.Policy.Evidence.
I was using the view to see the object's current properties and also it's assembly(which happens to be one of the important class of the namespace System.Refleciton) while doing that I captured this image. (Do not assume I have no work @ office :))
Tips to use the IDE of Visual Studio 2005

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioral patterns (BP)

This is not about what usually AI is about!!!BP, if you have not heard off is the way the patterns are applied over a system to understand how the system behaves and reacts to various conditions/situations. In a sense it is kind of the prediction of what's gonna happen to a system if it is subjected to a specific condition/envrionment. Behavioral patterns are applicable to humans as well (essentially humans are animals aren't they?). Ok so what do we achieve by bringing both obscure terms AI and BP, well you can design a system that can understand the behavioral patterns of a child when it grows and help parenting be much easier. You can understand what the child would like to do and what you wanted the child to do. These kindoff advanced gadgets should use AI to understand and study the behavior of child as it grows. Healthy parenting isn't it...but would some one take the advise of a gadget/robot to make parenting effective? !!!
Here are some references for behavioral patterns on humans:
1. Learning and recognizing behavioral patterns using position and posture of human
2. Post-Scientology Behavioral Patterns

Monday, July 09, 2007


Morphing is a well known technique used in movies/animations for transforming one object in to another, it is done is such a way that the transition from one object to another happens seamlessly. Different transition objects are plotted which finally transforms the initial object to the resulting object. But morphing itself is a very old term which basically means transformation of the physical shape of an object. (Example is the metamorphosis from larva to butterfly - photos). Human morphing techniques evolved in a big way from the wright brothers era, air craft making.

Below is a morphed video that depicts 500 years of female portraits in Western art, from DaVinci to Picasso. (click on the image below and activate the Youtube control by clicking on the same)

windows server 2008 - this URL portrays morphed images

Morphing techniques are used for creating GIF images, to complex imaging and morphing techniques that are used in movies like terminator. Morphing photos has made people interesting and fun (hence morphing software finds a place in cell phones and hand held devices) . More morphing videos - click here

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The High Performance Entrepreneur - book review

Firstly I cannot stop adulating the way this book is written, hats off to Subroto Bagchi. It is a simple book that to me defines some basic rules on how to go about achieving your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Subroto gives enough examples and lessons thats brings a variety of experience to learn. "If you want to generate wealth start a company not because you want to give back something for technology, since it has treated you well in the past", I totally agree with this. I knew personally few companies started that way and failed.
Numerous complications arise when you want to start a company and progressing on the way, Subroto first places advises to create hard and fast rules, that needs to be followed by every stake holder of the company, to erradicate some of the most common hurdles. This is a good book for a ambitious new comer, who will know by reading what it takes to start a company, what is mission, DNA, values, building and progressing, entering stock market, approaching venture capitalists and much more. Are you ready for business? [:D]