Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is it finally boiling down to - IBM vs Intel

Big blue vs Leap ahead, is it gonna happen? - read more

With AMD in the bucket, can IBM do justice in the take over?
The answer would be another question:
Is IBM trying to get back to its hardware business and will it succeed?

For Intel, it is not something new....It has faced many competitors in the past and IBM is a competitor in a noticeable degree even without AMD.
But as always Intel has proved, it would continue to enforce its strong hold in its primary domain.

Can IBM change the semiconductor industry trend, which Intel has been doing for decades now?.

IBM's semiconductor:
ppc microprocessors, cell architectures, and AMD?.

For AMD:
It can continue its R&D with sustained funding. IBM with its unquestionable experience, will come to the rescue of AMD from its significant issue such as manufacturing.


Babu said...

I think the chances are very slim. As we know IBM is coming out of hardware business. The acquisition is good for AMD but definitely not for IBM

Global Handler said...

Hey Babu
Here is a pick that portrays similar thought as you