Saturday, February 02, 2008

Microsoft swaying to persue the goals of competitor?

Microsoft being forced to buy Yahoo!? Some say they have to be offensive since Google is targeting the core business of Microsoft, being desktop computing and the two monsters in that domain the Windows OS and MS Office.

But for a company so behemoth, why couldn't they generate the next wave of revolution?
Why haven't Microsoft taken a different step to tackle the challenges posed by Google? It is already too late, I can hear that. Microsoft known for it's marketing and bullying might, for sure knew the growth of Google and the impact.

In this world there are generally three well known rules to play such battles. Either hit hard at the competitor's core by own or by diverting the focus of all to a new paradigm or the last option to outplay the competitor by combination. By what I mean by the second attack is; shift in locking to the current technology.

Microsoft failed in the first two and is trying to bet on the last option, that is to buy another company to compete in the space.

Well no company is always superior in this sense, if it is for Microsoft today, the days for some one taking over Google is not longer. (It could even be as the result of this Microsoft acquisition.)

History repeats itself !!!

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