Monday, July 21, 2008

Google shopping search - errors for WallE

Last week I had a chance to see Wall E, amazing movie from Disney Pixar duo. I enjoyed the movie and could not stop appreciating the creators.

I wanted to buy the WallE toy, and tried Amazon, Live and Google.

Live product search could not understand "WallE toy", it returned me two pages of search results that were not related to toys. It seems Live can only understand "wall e" or "wall-e", does not live up to expectations.
Then tried Google shopping search for "walle toy", obviously I saw huge set of search results. Then I sorted by price:low to high, waiting to see the affordable ones that I can pick. The search page started with $0.10, I kept naviagting to the next 10 pages at a time (Google also populated a set of new 10 pages at a time). When I was at page 73, I saw the link until 82nd page as below.

Then I tried to navigate to page 82, it resulted in a error. I tried the lower (< 82) pages and figured out the links were broken. It worked only until the 75th page that had the last item priced at $2.99. The first search without any sorting resulted in a $49 item, which I did not see in the sorted results. This was not just a one time issue, I was able to reproduce the same issue multiple times!

This kind off keeps me happy in a way, "software engineers still have work to do".


Harish said...

i got the error on 73rd page. :-)

Global Handler said...

even worse looks like