Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If not integrate then sync and vice versa

A lot of the technology companies are driving forces behind synchronization and integration these days.

Reason for synchronization and integration: We are clearing up the mess we generated by experimenting and developing ubiquitous things in the past decade(s). No, I didn't mean to say we should not have experimented or tried things. One part that lead us to the state is the human nature to create a unique footprint for themselves. (which resulted in many different devices doing exactly the same thing)And the other part is choice; which is very important, everyone needs variety and that is the reason for the so many flavors of the same products. We have hundreds and thousands of phone models, may be hundreds of TV models, and the list goes on. But what next?

When on the one side we are thinking to create new devices (I mean novel); on the other side we are trying to make the existing devices work better, predominantly making the existing devices works better amongst themselves and not as stand alone. (To me, the known devices are working well enough as a standalone)

So what does synchronization have to play here? Well synchronization is the way of making things look seamless and sharing the data across devices and platforms. Based on the situation a user chooses what to use, but would always want to stay updated. Meaning, if I receive a mail to my mail account and if I were at travel I want to see the message from my mobile phone.

The other part is integration, making things simpler in the front and adding complexities in the back. The devices that are built are integrating different form factors in to one and increasing their capabilities. Your TV is as intelligent as your PC, and your PC can do a lot of work as a phone and your phone can have a mini pc and a TV in it. So every device is adding a feature from other devices or the other and becoming SMARTER.

A good example for synchronization product is Apple TV and a good example of integration is smart phone.
But why two ways to solve the problem of many devices, well we like different flavors don't we? Part of the answer is yes, the other would be, we have done so many things that cannot be ripped off right away.

Things that cannot be integrated are being synchronized and things that cannot be synchronized are being integrated.

IT is a one world in many and many in one world.


Titan said...

Thats good for thought..Why cant we think this in Bio

Titan said...

Thats good for thought..Why cant we think this in Biological syncing your brain with brainless ppl like mine so that helping me to think and earn better..isnt it nice?...