Friday, September 05, 2008

I give up!

Not long before I jumped in to the geeky world. One cannot continue to live unless having updated with the inundated wealth of information. Oh that’s new you must learn it; you will be a most sort after guy. Oh no the other one is coming up you must learn that too, yep learn everything. But you cannot and you will not, is what I realized after it was already too late. And finally I gave up.

Stop all the non-sense stuff no more information can enter my brain, it is jammed and the memory is leaking. And people call me Ram (Random Access Memory), knowing this poor creature can store only less and that too not permanently, self pity?

Does the buzz of IT remain all the way same in the future? How could these people continue to invent what they invented in different ways and keep the wave of buzzing alive?

Ooops, did I sound correct? As in computers we have object oriented programming ....s for???, I do not know what does‘s’ stand for. How the hell can I forget the basics? don't tell me you work for the biggest software company.

My friend(s) come with different topics of books, hey you must read this to write solid code, complete code, secure code, and a year after with solid code II, complete code II, secure code III (The III was intentional, if you have wondered btw. And I'm sorry if I have missed some other code(s)) . All I’m gonna write is one code and why do I write it in so many different ways, to keep the code reviewers happy? Well maybe.

I understand the megalomania, as the world moves there are new IT happenings and we make it happen otherwise the world will not move. I see the vicious cycle now!!!

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Titan said...

Modest Analogy on your name (Random Access Memory).You have to keep inventing the same in differnt ways to have some work for the thousands of people working in your firm and to say the shareholders and stockbrokers that you are working on something which gets upgraded release by release.Anyway no one knows what the upgrade is except the techi geeks like you..;-)