Friday, September 05, 2008

search tip.

When trying to find a tool usage, I was stubmling on how to write a phrase to get a better search result.
I was trying to build a csharp (C#) class file using the xsd.exe tool. The tool takes in the input schema and generates a proxy class for you.
I had the schema dependent.xsd, which depends on provider.xsd. I need to know how to use the tool to consume the two schemas and generate the class. (The xsd.exe /? itself did not give the info, and I had to go to Google/Live)

I tried the query "xsd.exe /c a.xsd b.xsd", and I got the search result that I was looking for. Simply replacing the names of the files to the most simplest usage helps. It is worth trying such queries with the naming conventions "a,b,foo,bar" rather than thinking on what to write. Just my 2 cents.

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