Friday, September 05, 2008

search tip.

When trying to find a tool usage, I was stubmling on how to write a phrase to get a better search result.
I was trying to build a csharp (C#) class file using the xsd.exe tool. The tool takes in the input schema and generates a proxy class for you.
I had the schema dependent.xsd, which depends on provider.xsd. I need to know how to use the tool to consume the two schemas and generate the class. (The xsd.exe /? itself did not give the info, and I had to go to Google/Live)

I tried the query "xsd.exe /c a.xsd b.xsd", and I got the search result that I was looking for. Simply replacing the names of the files to the most simplest usage helps. It is worth trying such queries with the naming conventions "a,b,foo,bar" rather than thinking on what to write. Just my 2 cents.

I give up!

Not long before I jumped in to the geeky world. One cannot continue to live unless having updated with the inundated wealth of information. Oh that’s new you must learn it; you will be a most sort after guy. Oh no the other one is coming up you must learn that too, yep learn everything. But you cannot and you will not, is what I realized after it was already too late. And finally I gave up.

Stop all the non-sense stuff no more information can enter my brain, it is jammed and the memory is leaking. And people call me Ram (Random Access Memory), knowing this poor creature can store only less and that too not permanently, self pity?

Does the buzz of IT remain all the way same in the future? How could these people continue to invent what they invented in different ways and keep the wave of buzzing alive?

Ooops, did I sound correct? As in computers we have object oriented programming ....s for???, I do not know what does‘s’ stand for. How the hell can I forget the basics? don't tell me you work for the biggest software company.

My friend(s) come with different topics of books, hey you must read this to write solid code, complete code, secure code, and a year after with solid code II, complete code II, secure code III (The III was intentional, if you have wondered btw. And I'm sorry if I have missed some other code(s)) . All I’m gonna write is one code and why do I write it in so many different ways, to keep the code reviewers happy? Well maybe.

I understand the megalomania, as the world moves there are new IT happenings and we make it happen otherwise the world will not move. I see the vicious cycle now!!!

My rumblings :(

Do I write this blog post? I’m going all the way ironical doing so. Using the computer which I wanted to get rid of almost daily or if not so badly this week. Watching myself like an idiot, starring at the code and taking the spiting’ and puke’ of the visual studio IDE. Horrible isn’t it?

I am almost glued to this piece, do I have control or is it controlling me. Oh now I know, all the AI based movies like Terminator, Matrix are masking my brain or may be mind, huh whatever it is. Days are passing and moments are grinning, yet the sorrow continues in boredom and misfortune. Oh my god when do I get out of all these miserable stuff, am I cursed or is my karma taking me this way. I have become a grudger to the core. Oh no enough stop these rumblings tells my mind, but my computer is pulling me in to do more write up.

Enough, this time certainly! Thanks for all the associations and sharing the grievances. Now get back to work. OK Ok just read one more statement and I let you go.
No you guessed it wrong, I ‘m not writing this after a day long work, it is the first thing I have done today. What a refreshing start!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Has Chrome got the metal to move IE?

@Velu has to say the following: (From the comments section)
Chrome is just a rip of Opera - from the Speed dial to the + button for opening the new tab. Then the devs thought they are doing injustice by just copying opera and hence picked a few from IE8 too like domain name highlighting, omnisearch and "Launch browser windows in a new process" ...

This would be a total flop release for the very reason that it lacks novelty and performs just as good as Opera7.