Sunday, January 24, 2010

What to look for in a cloud service offering?

A complete cloud service offering should touch up on the below topics:

Voice: Marketing team
Addressee: Large, mid, small sized companies + developers in the companies

1. Overview - What is cloud according to you?
(since cloud is very subjective)
a. Vision

2. What are the current offerings? -
a. Solutions that we currently have
b. Services - Exchange, SQL server, Forefront
c. What are the requirements? large\mid\small customers…

3. Benefits to the customers

4. Return of Investment - Alternatives, Competitive pricing, saving X$ over
a year etc

5. Availability - SLA, scalability etc..

6. Security -
a. Partner cloud,
b. moving data on and off of the cloud,
c. accessing data in the cloud
d. Legislation act

7. Pricing -
a. Cost per usage
b. Service usage
c. Usage reports and billing model

8. More information:
a. Pilot programs
b. Case studies
c. Demos \ Training modules
d. Implementation cycle

9. Support:
a. Developer support - code and platform
b. Help desk
c. How Tos? Blogs? Faqs\communities.

10. Strategy:
a. Roadmap
b. Future

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